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EA 16000
.Capacity: 14 m3
.Maximum Load: 16 Tons
.Power: requered minimum 160HP
.Work distance: 12 a 14 meters
.Tires: 2 axles with 4 wheels, high flotation wheels: 550/45 x 22.5
.Chassis: in steel SAE 1010.

. Metallic floor in changeable and bolted cloths.
. Removable doors.
.Distribution through 2 vertical rollers with shredding fins and spreading discs in the base, drive by cardanic bar, double chain conveyor, adjustable feed with hydraulic motor drive and reducer in Oripon oil bath.
.Attachment of the tailgate by means of two hydraulic cylinders.
EA 10000
.Capacity: 8000 lts.
.Maximum Load: 8 Tons
.Work distance: 10 a 16 meters.
.Tires: 10.5X80x16
.Chassis: compact with throwing spear from main shaft.

. Changeable wooden floor
.Harrier with chains of high resistance and bars of great thickness
.Accionamiento of the same by cardan bar and reducer, it also contains a box in oil bath with treated gears that lengthen its useful life.
. Reinforced chassis
.Tolva abulonada with dump doors for cleaning.
.Regulation of the kilos to be applied by regulating the tailgate.
.The design of the rolos allows conditioning the material for a more effective distribution.
EA 6500
.Capacity: 6500 lts.
.Máximum Load: 4 Tons
.Work distance: 10 a 16 meters.
.Tires: 12.4 x 16
.Chasiss: compact with throwing spear from main shaft.

.Rigid axle
.Fully abulonada.
.Arreador with reinforced chains and abulonados steel bars.
.Traction of the same from the PTO of the tractor and through a reducer
.Adjustable distribution system.
.Dosification according to the opening of the tailgate and travel speed.
.The TDF also drives the box module of the distributor plates, these are in an oil bath and contain forged and treated steel gears, extending their useful life.
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+54-(3472) 470221 / 470438 / 470744
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