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Applicable to any type or brand of drag mowers

Optimize forage cuts with our unifier of swaths (Merger).

VERSATILITY: Applicable to any type or brand of drag mowers. Easy to install, without modifying the structure of the mower. It allows to be coupled and decoupled quickly leaving the machine in conditions to work with or without the unifier. Its system of attachment to the mower allows you to perform any type of maneuvers, without the operator having to worry about the follow-up of the unit to the mower. This will follow it in any direction while absorbing the unevenness of the terrain.
It consists of several points of regulation, which allows a proper tuning to each working condition. It allows shifting to the sides and speed variation of the conveyor belt, this makes it possible to locate the swaths above or next to each other.

LOWER COSTS: The processing of cut grass to convert it into one of the forage storage forms, has a key point in the swaths. Mainly in forage chopping processes. The fact of joining the swaths at the same time that the cutting occurs, means that later tasks such as joining rows with the traditional rakes will no longer be necessary. This translates into fuel savings, labor and repairs.

HILLS FREE OF IMPURITY AND WITHOUT LOSSES OF PROTEINS: This is another key contribution of the unifier of swaths. It does not lose leaves during the swathing: Foliasity is vital in the quality of the hay. In alfalfa, the leaves contain 70% of the protein, 90% of the carotene and more than 65% of the digestible energy present in the plant.

LESS ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: The fuel savings that mean infinite hours of work in internal combustion engines, due to the reduction of tasks after mowing, also translates into less environmental pollution by considerably reducing the delivery of carbon monoxide to the atmosphere.
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